23rd March 2021, Kuala Lumpur – Morph Outdoors (Morph), an outdoors adventure provider is aiming to pioneer and offer a set of standardized certification for all levels of the sport to kayaking enthusiasts and members of the public.

As the sole franchise holder of Sea-OPS, a Singapore-based company that has been supporting and providing sea-based programmes, Morph will now have the ability to certify levels of sea kayaking using Sea-OPS’ one to five star certification.

The Sea-OPS certification offered will start from Novice level (one star) and proceed to Advance (two star), Seapro (three star), Expedition Leader (four star), before reaching the five star level of Examiner. Also offered, is the SeaOPS 1 Star Sea Kayaking for instructors which will enable them to handle up to 10 students.

“To this end and to reinforce our commitment to provide gold standards in outdoors experience to the Malaysian public, we are pleased to announce that Morph has purchased 15 sea touring kayaks, the largest fleet of its kind in Malaysia.

We believe that the combination of proper equipment and a standardized certification syllabus bodes well for the safety and rising interest in the sport,” said Adrian Chin, Director of Business Development and co-founder of Morph Outdoors.

In addition to the certification, Morph will also be providing sea kayaking expeditions, and Morph Performance Kayaking, a program which will utilize the sea kayaks as a fitness training tool from April 2021.


About Morph Outdoors
Founded by three outdoor enthusiasts with 30 years of combined experience in outdoor survival and outdoor experiential training industry, Morph Outdoors aims to utilize Mother Nature as a platform for teaching and outdoors skills training.

Through high-quality programs and activities conducted in a safe and stimulating environment, Morph welcomes all to Explore. Endure. Evolve.

For further information, please contact:
Adrian Chin
Phone 0122210819

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