SeaOPS 2 Star Sea Kayaking Course

Aim: To equip and train novice kayakers with the necessary skills for expedition

Environment: Sea

Course Duration: 3 Days 2 Night

Type of Craft: Tandem or Single Sea Kayaks


  • Introduction to Kayaking Equipment (including sprayskirt)
  • Weather & Environmental Hazards
  • Expedition Planning
  • Lifting & Carrying of Doubles Kayaks
  • Emptying of Water on Land
  • “TX” Rescue to empty water in the sea
  • Capsize drill
  • Embark & Disembark (for both beach and pontoon) for Doubles Kayaks
  • Forward & Reverse Paddling on Doubles Kayaks
  • Forward & Reverse Sweep Strokes on Doubles Kayaks
  • Moving Sidesways: “J” Draw on Doubles Kayaks
  • Moving Sidesways: “Classic” Draw on Doubles Kayaks
  • Usage of Rudder on a Doubles Kayak
  • Kayak to Swimmer Rescue
  • Deep Water Entry and Exit
  • Rescue drill with safety boat
  • Expedition total 40 nautical miles
  • Use of Marine VHF
  • Use of Navionics
  • Use of E Propulsion
  • Tides and Tidal Streams
  • Night Kayaking
  • P.L.A.N. Model for Sea Expeditions