SeaOPS 1 Star Fishing Kayak Course

Entry Requirements : nil


Environment : Sea


Course Duration : 6 hours


1.Overview Types of Fishing Kayaks
a. Singles / Doubles
b. Types of drives ; Propel / Mirage / Overdrive / Sail
c. Types of motors ; Electric / gasoline etc


2.Parts of the Fishing Kayaks
a. Bow Stern Port StarBoard
b. Handles
c. Seats
d. Hatches
e. Drain / Drain Plugs / Scupper
f. Drive System
g. Rod Holders
h. Back up Paddles


3. Types of Fishing Rods
a. Rods
b. Reels
c. Lines / Knots
d. Hooks
e. Baits
f. Casting


4. Launching and Recovery of Fishing Kayaks
a. Using Trolleys
b. Manual Hand Carry
c. Launching and Recovery from Berths / Beach / Ramp


5. Manoeuvres
a. Paddling / Forward / Reverse / Draw / Sweep
b. Using Drives and Rudders
c. Berthing


6. Reading Tides and Currents / Navigation using Navionics


7. Rules of the Road / Safety