SeaOPS Stand up Paddling Pulau Ubin Expedition – 29th May 2021

Early in the morning it is 0730hrs, launching off from Pasir Ris Park. The SeaOPS one star SUPers venture towards Pulau Ubin! We were rewarded with a vast length of greenery as it was low tide and the beach was filled with fresh seaweed swept onto shore. 


At 0830hrs, we were off! First check point was towards Sungei Jelutong. Everything was great, cloudy weather, nice slow southwestern winds, and the seas were nice and calm. As we crossed the channel, we were met with some rain and dark clouds but that was not enough to darken our mood! 


We paddled deeper into the rich mangrove swamp. We were greeted with the beautiful chirping of the blue jacket kingfisher and the environment was so nice and serene. It was low tide hence we were grounded due to not enough area to paddled, but we turned it into a good opportunity to have some light snacks before continuing on to Sungei Besar. The current was against us but fret not for we managed to pull through navigating our way in the best way possible. We enjoyed ourselves and we were glad everyone was safe and sound, that includes following strict SMM measures! 


We have completed a total of 16km journey and we are thankful for all who had the opportunity to join us in joy and laughter while enjoying what the environment has to offer! On behalf of SeaOPS, FOCUS Adventure, we definitely look forward to the next expedition and we look forward to having you join us as well! Wait no longer, click on the link to join us for our next trip or look us up on Outdoor Adventures on Klook and Meetup for our other awesome adventures!