SeaOPS 2-star Kayaking Accreditation

The inaugural SeaOPS 2- star Kayaking Accreditation was rolled out on 24 February at Raffles Marina, where participants went through a 2 day training session, learning and familiarising themselves not only with the basics of kayaking, such as how to paddle and steer the kayaks, but also expedition specific skills, such as kayaking in formation, capsise drills and rescue techniques, to imbue the participants with the skill set and confidence to embark on a sea kayaking expedition, which they proved, going above and beyond their physical and mental limits to complete a 2 day expedition from Puteri Harbour to Kukup and back, clocking around 70km in total.

Participants’ sharing about their experiences

  • ‘Being a total beginner to kayaking, the course was done progressively, with time given to practice the skills taught. This helped build up my confidence level towards kayaking out at sea.’
  • ‘The course provided a good refresher to kayaking, and having only previously kayaked in the reservoir and river, I did learn new skills specific to sea and expedition kayaking.’
  • ‘The course sparked my interest in expedition kayaking and I am looking forward to taking part in more kayak expeditions!’